EPCOS / TDK MKP Series B3203x EMI Suppression Capacitors

Author : Epcos Published Time : 2018-09-11
EPCOS/TDK MKP Series B3203x EMI Suppression Capacitors are AEC-Q200D compliant capacitors that come in different capacitance values. These capacitors feature dielectric construction, epoxy resin sealing and are available in different lead sizes and dimensions. The B3203x film capacitors offer small dimensions, good self-healing properties, high voltage capabilities, and are AEC-Q200D compliant. Typical applications include Y2 class for interference suppression, "Line to ground" applications, automotive, and applications that demand severe ambient conditions.


THB grade IIIb1)Small dimensionsGood self-healing propertyHigh voltage capabilityRoHS compliantAEC-Q200D compliant110°C maximum operating temperature


Y2 class for interference suppression"Line to ground" applicationsApplications with severe ambient conditionsAutomotive
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